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We are jars of clay in the Master Potter’s hands – let us help one another to be vessels of honor fit for the Master’s service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is FIRED UP?

FIRED UP is a weekend conference sponsored by a group of men from Effingham and Savannah churches. We held our first first conference in May 2014, and just finished our fourth weekend conference in May of 2017.

When does a boy become a man?

Boys and young men are desperately looking for the answer to that very question.   Their first car, job, graduating from high school, college, first date, girlfriend, marriage, first child? What defines a true man? What is a man’s responsibility and role?

Christian men understand that God created men as unique beings with certain roles – for His glory and for our good. The Bible does not leave us in the dark about the meaning of manhood.  

The world sees the answer to this question as one of biology, chronological age or accomplishments. As defined in the Bible, manhood is a functional reality, demonstrated in a man’s fulfillment of responsibility and leadership.

Who can participate in FIRED UP?

Boys who are currently in 6-12th grade are encouraged to attend. The conference runs from Friday through Sunday.  Large group sessions will be held to help us unpack the Biblical concepts of what God says about masculinity. The boys will then be divided by ages and placed with a trained counselor for small group sessions. The registration fee includes 2 nights lodging (for overnight participants), six meals, and snacks. In addition, all boys will receive a t-shirt and various other items as they are made available.

Why is FIRED UP so important?

Think of a single journey that is the aspiration of every man, with many dark and mysterious paths. You’ve heard great and mythical stories of what lies at the end of the journey. Books have been written and movies made about the destination.

Not only is the journey’s end a thing of legend, you’ve heard stories of great adventure of those who have picked a path on the way to that destination. A quest where some boast of unlimited pleasure and entertainment, others celebrated for accomplishments.

What if we told you that those stories of grand quests were a lie? What if we told you that those who took the path to their final destination were not even close to the real end of the journey?

What if I told you that single destination was true manhood and that by following the path most chosen, you will never get there?

Somewhere our compass needles got stuck and pointed man in the wrong direction. Somehow the leaders who were supposed to show us got lost. There was no one to pick up a torch to light the way.

FIRED UP is the torch to light the way to true Biblical manhood.

When and where is it held?

We usually hold our weekend conferences in the spring of the year at local associational camp facilities.  Check back for more details as we get closer to spring.

How much does it cost? What does the registration fee cover? Will I need any spending money?

We try to keep the the registration fee for the FIRED UP conference weekend to be around $80.  That includes two nights lodging, six meals, t-shirt, water bottle, and all conference activities and materials.  We may have additional resources and merchandise available, keep checking back for more information.   Please check back for more details

I can’t afford to go. Do you provide financial assistance?

We have been blessed to be able to offer financial assistance to a few deserving participants in 2014.  If you feel you need assistance, you will be asked to provide more information on your registration form.

How can I join the staff as a counselor, speaker, or staff member? Are staff members paid?

You can join the staff by attending planning meetings and submitting a staff, counselor, or speaker application.  See our Staff page.  You must also obtain and submit a clear criminal background check to be allowed to work the conference.  Speakers, counselors, worship team members will be required to share their story of their relationship with Jesus Christ.  Staff members are volunteer positions and are required to pay a staff registration fee to cover the cost of their meals, lodging, and t-shirt.

I am an adult youth leader. Can I attend with the boys from my church as a chaperone?

We ask that churches within 50 miles of Guyton, GA do not send chaperones with their boys (unless you join our staff – see above).  Our staff will be trained, experienced, and are planning from now until each event. If you are bringing a group from more than 50 miles away, you are allowed to bring up to two chaperones. Chaperones are subject to the same policy regarding background checks and registration fees as our regular staff. Chaperones are allowed to participate in conference activities, except that they may not sit in on small groups.

Is FIRED UP a non-profit organization?

FIRED UP Inc. is a non-profit corporation.  You can make donations to FIRED UP Inc. on our donations page.  All of our staff are volunteers and any proceeds from registration fees will  roll back into future conferences.

Can I visit the conference during the FIRED UP weekend?

One of the goals of FIRED UP is to get young men away from distractions so they can clearly hear what God is trying to teach them through the teaching of the weekend.  On Sunday afternoon there will be a closing session open to all – All participants will receive information about the session with their welcome packet.  

If you feel you want to visit the conference before the closing session you need to make prior arrangements with the FIRED UP Directorbefore the weekend so we can be expecting you and make any necessary accommodations for you.

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