Policy & Procedure Manual

These are the policies that guide our conferences and staffing procedures, informed by our principles and core values.

Policy and Procedure Manual

It is the intent of FIRED UP that these policies are necessary to put into place in order to obtain the necessary commitment of each staff member involved. The commitment to work a FIRED UP Conference is a serious one and not to be taken lightly. We should keep Matthew 5:19 in mind for the Godly example we provide to young men.

Staff Code of Conduct

The code of conduct is much more than a list of outward activities or lack thereof; rather it is the working out of loving God with all our heart, mind, soul and strength and loving our neighbor as ourselves.  It is recognizing our total dependence on God who saved us from our former self to bring gory to Himself.  As the name FIRED UP implies passion, so staff should live a life of passion for glorifying God in all they do and say.   FIRED UP is a ministry organization that seeks to move middle and high school boys into a deeper more meaningful relationship with Christ so as to glorify Him.  As such, all staff members should be growing into a more meaningful relationship with Christ.  Staff members of this organization are expected to live in such a way that promotes and glorifies the Lord and remember that they are called to be godly examples to their younger brothers in Christ at all times. Men on staff are expected to maintain and exhibit the values of FIRED UP and the biblical teachings of Jesus Christ in their:

Personal lives both public and private
Behavior and Attitude
Work ethic and financial dealings
Relationships with other men and women

Staff members are highly encouraged to be in an accountability relationship so as to set an example for the young men at FIRED UP.  We recognize that the sanctification process of the Holy Spirit is continuous and therefore as examples, our story should be filled with more victory today than defeat yesterday.  Again, this is not merely displayed by outward appearances, but a reflection of a changed heart.  Staff members are expected to use wisdom and discernment in what is shared on social media networks. Questionable conduct and behavior may be brought before the Board of Directors for review.

The Board of Directors has the authority to remove a staff member due to personal conduct that is unbecoming of a follower of Christ and damaging to the reputation of this ministry. Staff members are also expected to maintain confidentiality and privacy regarding the boys who attend. Personal matters of participants should not be discussed among uninvolved staff members or any other individual.
(Romans 14:21, 1 Cor. 8:13, 1 Thess. 5:22, Hebrews 13:4, 1 Cor. 6:19-20, Luke 12:48)

One-on-one contact between adults and young men prohibited. One-on-one contact between adults and youth is not permitted during the conference. In situations that require personal conferences, such as for any counseling or prayer, the meeting is to be conducted in view of other staff members and youths.
As we are teaching young men how to become Godly men, it’s important that we are complete in our message.  Therefore, we also want to discourage one-on-one contact between the young men.

Conflict of Interest Policy

A conflict of interest is defined as an actual or perceived interest by a staff or Board member in an action that results in, or has the appearance of resulting in, personal, organizational, or professional gain.
Officers and members are obligated to always act in the best interest of the organization. This obligation requires that any officer or member, in the performance of organization duties, seek only the furtherance of the organization mission. At all times, officers and board members are prohibited from using their job title or the organization’s name or property, for private profit or benefit.
A. The officers and members of the organization should neither solicit nor accept gratuities, favors, or anything of monetary value from contractors/vendors. This is not intended to preclude bona-fide organization fund raising-activities.
B.  No officer, or member of the organization shall participate in the selection, award, or administration of a purchase or contract with a vendor where, to his knowledge, any of the following has a financial interest in that purchase or contract:

1. The officer or member;
2. Any member of their immediate family;
3. Their partner;
4. An organization in which any of the above is an officer, director or employee;
5. A person or organization with whom any of the above individuals is negotiating or has an arrangement concerning prospective employment.

C. Disclosure–Any possible conflict of interest shall be disclosed by the person or persons concerned. D. Board Action–When a conflict of interest is relevant to a matter requiring action by the Board, the interested person(s) shall call it to the attention of the Board and said person(s) shall not vote on the matter. In addition, the person(s) shall not participate in the final decision or related deliberation regarding the matter under consideration. When there is a doubt as to whether a conflict exists, the matter shall be resolved by vote of the Board of Trustees, excluding the person(s) concerning whose situation the doubt has arisen.
E. Record of Conflict–The official minutes of the Board shall reflect that the conflict of interest was disclosed and the interested person(s) did not participate in the final discussion or vote and did not vote on the matter.

Staff Attendance Policy

FIRED UP meetings take place the fourth Sunday of each month.   Our meeting year begins in September and ends in March or April, depending on the date of that year’s conference. There is no meeting in December. We anticipate that planning a FIRED UP conference takes a lot of time, energy, love, prayer, and input from everyone on staff. The more we can meet together and pray together, the more the Lord can work through us and the more we can bond together as a group of men unified under the Holy Spirit. In addition, it is to the total benefit of each staff member to be as closely involved in the planning process as possible. Being a member of the FIRED UP staff is an awesome responsibility, but even more so, an amazing privilege. It also requires a certain level of commitment and dedication.

It is for these reasons that the following attendance policy has been set forth:

  • Dates and deadlines are given in enough advance that each staff member is allowed adequate time to plan for meetings, finances, deadlines, etc.
  • Speakers and Counselors are required to attend at least three meetings. Counselor training does not count as one of the regular meetings and is mandatory for all counselors and speakers.
  • (Special considerations can be made in the event of illness or other emergencies at the discretion of the director).
  • Other staff members are required to attend at least one meeting in the fall and one meeting in the spring. Counselor training does not count as one of the regular meetings. While it is not mandatory for regular staff members, it is highly, highly encouraged.
  • Staff registration forms and FULL payment will be due on or before the January planning meeting. Staff applications and payment will NOT be accepted after that date, regardless of the person or situation. All special arrangements (scholarships, payment installments, etc.) are to be made with the treasurer PRIOR to this deadline. If an interested staff member has not been present at any meeting prior to or including January, they will not be added onto the staff for that FIRED UP year.
  • Current background checks are required of each staff member. Once a background check is obtained, it is valid for seven years. Background checks for counselors and speakers are due at the time of the panel interview. Background checks for other staff members are due at the time of counselor training. Individuals are not allowed on campus during the conference for any reason without a current background check.
  • Local churches organizing a group to attend a FIRED UP conference are asked and encouraged not to bring an adult chaperone unless she is an official member of the FIRED UP staff. Groups bringing boys from out of town may bring up to two chaperones (unless the size of the group requires additional adults). However, these chaperones will be required to submit the appropriate staff payment, registration form, and background check. These chaperones are welcome and encouraged to participate in the conference activities, but will not be allowed to sit in on small groups.
  • In the event that extenuating circumstance should arise for one or more staff members, or service teams, the officers of FIRED UP reserve the right to make any changes or exceptions necessary per each individual situation.

Staff Service Positions


One speaker is needed for each talk: FAITH and FAITHFULNESS, INTEGRITY, and PURITY. Speakers are responsible for writing talks and keeping them in line with the weekend’s theme and with the established FIRED UP beliefs. Each talk should be 30-40 minutes. Speakers will write small group materials to go along with the talks. Attendance at counselor training is mandatory. Speakers are also expected to be present for and participate in Sunday’s panel discussion as well as the closing session during which they will give a 1-2 minute synopsis of the talk will be given for the parents.


Your job is to build relationships and show the love of Christ! You will sleep in the cabins with boys, lead the small groups, keep track of the boys in general and sit with the boys during the talks and meals. If you are a counselor, this can be your only job during the conference itself. However, you can help with pre-conference stuff such as setting up.  Each counselor will be responsible for up to 8 boys.   Attendance at counselor training is mandatory.   This job extends beyond the conference time.  Counselors are expected to maintain a relationship, in line with the code of conduct, with the boys to continue to encourage the boys growing relationship with Christ.
The head counselor is expected to provide accountability for the counselors.

Prayer Team

Counsels boys during the conference, after talks, after small groups, etc. Prays over facility and prays over the speakers before and during the talks. Responsible for creating and coordinating prayer walks and distributing material as necessary.

Praise and Worship/Media Team

Responsible for all aspects of musical worship: opening session, FAITH and FAITHFULNESS, INTEGRITY, PURITY, worship night, and closing session. Creates PowerPoint decks for the conference weekend and is responsible for working with the speakers to create any media necessary for each talk. Responsible for sound equipment, skits, filler music and videos, taking pictures, and making slideshows and promotional videos after the conference.

Setup/tear down

Decides on decorating theme for the year. Coordinates the purchasing or borrowing of necessary decorations. Communicates to the staff and other churches the items needed for decorating. On the Thursday before the conference, coordinates and supervises the decorating effort. Coordinates and supervises the cleaning up effort on Sunday.


Keeping the boys engaged physically during the many game breaks, coordinating games, team building activities, etc.


Plans meals and buys food. Prepares and cleans up after meals. Also responsible for dining room set up before meals and break down after meals.
This also team is responsible for coordinating homemade snacks and/or buying snacks from the store. Communicates to staff and local churches the snack and beverage needs of the conference. Responsible for continually replenishing the snack table during the conference.


Registration team leader is responsible for putting registration information into a spreadsheet and keeping up with the registration forms turned in for staff and participants. Responsible for sending out registration confirmations and making any necessary contacts to participants on behalf of the conference. Assigns boys to a cabin and to a counselor. During conference check-in, two men will sit at the table to check in the boys as they arrive. This team will require at least six runners to work during check-in to take the boys to their cabins and introduce them to their counselors.


Volunteers from this team will go to churches to talk about the conference. Also responsible for creating the year’s advertisement poster based on the chosen theme. This team decides how we will advertise and is responsible for contacting the right people to get the advertising done. (radio stations, newspapers, etc.)

Resource Table

Responsible for securing the various resources requested for the table. Will pick up the items from sources prior to the conference and return them after the conference. Two to three men are needed to run the resource table throughout the weekend. These men are responsible for managing the money and the merchandise. The table should be open during registration and the closing session as well as during any free time throughout the weekend.

Prize Table

Responsible for coordinating the prizes for the prize table. Keeps track of prizes donated and puts them into gift bags or boxes to be set out on the table during the conference weekend.

Prayer Vigil

Updates the prayer guide based on the year’s schedule. E-mails out the individual payer guides for each individual who has signed up to pray. E-mails a letter of thanks and a praise report after the conference weekend.

Medical Staff

We’ll need to have some medically trained men able to assist with medicines and any first aid needs.

Selection Process for Speakers and Counselors

All men interested in being first time counselors or speakers are required to fill out an interest application. The applications will be reviewed by the Leadership Panel that is comprised of the director, assistant director, head counselor, and prayer team leader. The panel will review and pray over the applications and meet with each candidate on an individual basis. Final selection decisions are made and announced by the Leadership Panel. In the event that one of the panel members has a close relationship with an applicant, the panel member will be asked to excuse himself from the interview and decision process to avoid any appearance of bias. Returning counselors and speakers will be asked to sit in for a brief discussion and review of application with the Leadership Panel.

Participant Code of Conduct

FIRED UP exists as a weekend conference where middle and high schools boys can get away from worldly distractions and focus on their relationship with the Lord. Therefore, we expect certain attitudes and behaviors from our participants. Boys are expected to dress modestly (no inappropriate slogans, short shorts, a shirt is required at all times), refrain from cell phone use of any kind, and to exhibit kindness, compassion, and respect to staff members and other participants. Young men are also expected to take care of the conference facility and respect the property of others.

FIRED UP does care about young men who want to be at the conference to learn and participate.  In order to prevent any major disruptions, the conduct of the boys will be closely monitored in order to prevent any type of behavior that is detrimental to other boys at the conference.  This can include physical violence, verbal abuse, hazing, teasing, disruptive behavior, etc.    In such cases, any participant exhibits inappropriate or questionable behavior, they will be removed from the group setting, be given the opportunity to discuss the matter with the security detail and allowed to rectify the situation.  Parents will be contacted and in the most extreme cases, boys may be asked to leave the conference weekend without refund and return home.

Rules of Small Groups

Small group discussions during the FIRED UP conference weekend will abide by the following guidelines:

1) Stay on topic
2) Share your thoughts and feelings
3) Encourage each other
4) Be patient and understanding in listening and discussing differing ideas and opinions
5) Give everyone a chance to talk
6) Take responsibility for what you say and do
7) Be truthful and sensitive in what you share
8) What we say here stays here
9) The leader is a mandated reporter

Conference Emergency Plans

TORNADO – In the event of a tornado watch, all conference participants will be asked to congregate in the Tabernacle until the watch is lifted or until further notice from conference director. In the event of a tornado warning, all conference participants will be asked to move as quickly as possible into the downstairs apartment of the Assembly Director’s residence until the warning has passed. In these situations, each counselor is responsible for keeping a proper head count of boys in his group and for keeping the group together at all times.

FIRE -In the event of a building fire, all counselors should quickly and immediately take their boys and move to the bus entrance driveway in the front field. All counselors need to keep a head count and report to the director when all boys in their group are accounted for. The individual who first recognizes the fire should immediately call the fire department and then notify the director.

MEDICAL – In the event of a medical emergency, (seizures, loss of consciousness, head injury, etc.) where calling 911 is necessary, the closest adult should immediately call 911 and the medical staff and conference director should immediately be notified. The medical team will assist the injured party and the director will notify the parent.

INTRUDER – Most of the time, people who do not belong on campus are lost or are there because they are going to establish a reason to be there with the director. The key is to remain calm, use good judgment, and not panic. In the event a suspicious person comes on campus, the first adult will attempt to determine their purpose for being on campus and notify any member of the security detail immediately. If the person remains suspicious, the adult will get word to the other adults to move the participants into the tabernacle away from the person by using the code word. During counselor training an emergency code word will be established that means “Go to the tabernacle and get with your counselor.” For example, “COMPUTER”

Try to keep the suspicious person from entering the tabernacle by asking them to remain with you or lead them to the Assembly Director’s house.
In the event that the situation turns aggressive or hostile, call 911 immediately. If possible, warn the intruder that they are trespassing on private property and must leave or you will call the authorities. Notify any member of the security detail as soon as possible.
If the situation is hostile, everyone should move as quickly as possible to the tabernacle. Tell the boys to lie down on the floor, cover their heads and faces and be quiet. The adults should lock/barricade all doors as best as possible. There are 4 sets of doors to the tabernacle. There are two located on the front side of the building and 2 sets on the back side (one by the kitchen and one by the stage. Since the windows are already blacked out, the intruder will not be able to see inside the building. Counselors will get a head count as quickly as possible and identify anyone missing along with their last known location to report to the authorities on arrival.
Reporting of Abuse and Neglect

The staff members of FIRED UP consider it a moral and legal obligation to report any allegations of abuse or neglect of a conference participant that is revealed during the conference weekend to the local authorities of the county in which the participant lives. Parents/guardians may also be notified.

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