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Here at FiredUp, we passionately believe that each man needs to find and respond to his corporate and personal call from God as clarified through His Word.

FIRED UP’s first annual Fall Conference date is Saturday, November 2nd from 8 am – 2:30 pm in Guyton Georgia at New Providence Baptist Church.

Camp, Coffee, & Christ

Rise up and proclaim Christ first in your own life and commitments and then also to help other men see and follow him more clearly.

Lead with us! 

About FiredUp

FIRED UP is about building the next generation of authentic biblical men.

FIRED UP Is a weekend conference for 6th through 12th graders designed to teach through seminar, small group study, worship (and lots of fun and food) about what God says about manhood.

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Accountability through Local Churches

Here at FIRED UP, we believe that the local church and local pastors and teachers and brothers in Christ are absolutely essential to maintaining strong Biblical Manhood.

Our mission is to help kindle and fuel the fire at conference and also through our virtual workshops and online resources, but it is to you and your local church in Christ to keep the fire going and live a life of passion and purpose.

Ask us about local churches in your area where you can continue to learn and grow and be discipled after conference.


Our Partners

No man is an island and neither is any organization. We benefit from close partnerships with churches and other like-minded organizations.


FiredUp Testimonial

I trust the team at FiredUp to instill timeless, biblical values in my boys. I’ve sent each one of them through this camp each year and am ever grateful.

-Melanie H.

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We work hard to help men keep the fire for Christ burning bright through providing fuel for the fire through encouraging and challenging resources.


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